My name is Angie and I believe that Harry and Louis are in love and are in a committed relationship with each other. Oh, and I am a writer. That's about all!


I love this video so much. It is so short but it makes me smile. I love that Harry is just not having it when Liam tries to kick his man at 1:17 after they argue over Vans and Converse. He just reaches right over and puts a stop to Liam’s foot going there. 

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harry’s cute little knowing smile and nod at 1:41 when Louis is going on and on about why he brings all those clothes when he packs and how he doesn’t want to look in his case and find his clothes are wrinkled.

I just have this wonderful head canon of Louis and Harry in a hotel room and Louis is just throwing clothes left and right saying, “I have nothing to wear! This one is creased Harold! And this one is too! I can’t live like this! We need an iron! Dammit, I have absolutely nothing to wear! I have to go shopping.” as Harry just stands there amused, fully dressed in jeans and a creased t-shirt ready to go. 

Then I imagine Harry saying, “Louis the green shirt is fine. Just put the green one on. We really need to go.” and Louis suddenly shouting, “I don’t like the green one! And I am so sorry that all of us can’t crawl out of bed and look gorgeous like you, so shut it Curly!” Harry just smiles again, shakes his head and announces that he will be waiting in Zayn’s room and if Louis doesn’t hurry up he might have another tattoo by the time he gets there. When Louis finally shows up in Zayn’s room, he is wearing the green shirt and again Harry just smiles and Louis says, “Shut-up. Oh, you tattooed your toe? Did I really take that long?”.

Oh, sorry…I was getting into that head canon. :) But, yeah…that smile is very knowing, but also very, very fond like he wouldn’t have Louis any other way.

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