My name is Angie and I believe that Harry and Louis are in love and are in a committed relationship with each other. Oh, and I am a writer. That's about all!


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Because typically when you register a vehicle, its from your birth month. Harry's birth month is February... Louis' is December. Harry's motorcycle is registered in December (as it says on the plate). I'm saying its possible it's Louis registered the license/bike.




oh. my god. I never even thought about that. HEADCANON 100% ACCEPTED.

ummmm it does not work like that in california. the vehicle’s registration month is the month it was originally bought and/or first (or last) registered. 

i bought my car in july. my car’s tags are in july. 

And just to add onto this, I was thinking about it and Harry wasn’t even in LA in December. Cal just bought a new bike a couple months ago so I’m betting this bike Harry has been driving since cal got a new one is actually Cal’s old bike. Which is maybe why it broke down and cal came with AAA to pick Harry up.

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“You and I is a love song, it’s saying that you’re inseparable and nothing can get in the way of… you and your love.”

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